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Mcusta Knives manufacturing methods

Mcusta Knives manufacturing methods

Laser cut

By using the laser cut method, complex shapes are designed with high precision. Unlike pressing, it is much easier to adjust the shape and work on various pieces with high accuracy

Machining process

To improve the accuracy and the efficiency of the process, like the position of the hole or the cut of the handle, the cutting is made by machining. A process demanding accuracy is compulsory because each knife is made by combining numerous small pieces.


Hand finishing

Once the technical part of the cut is done by machining, a complementary manual work is made  Thank an intervention of a human hand, a unique touch is added to each knife.

Traitement à la main

Damascus pattern press

The original Damascus pattern is used on some blades. By changing the mold, various patterns can be applied.


The blade is worked by millstone to adjust its thickness, its angle, and its precise shape.



In order to harden the metal, a heat treatment is carried out. It is this step that guarantees the knife's unique quality.

Traitement thermique

Surface treatment, polishing

In order to bring out the Damascus pattern, a surface treatment is carried out. By polishing the blade, this pattern will be reinforced and highlighted.

Assembly and adjustments

The pieces made individually at each stage are assembled manually. The movement and the distorsion are adjusted thank the waterproofness of the screw



The knives are assembled one by one by hand. Because the shape changes according to each model, the finishing method varies and the tool used is different.


Cleaning and checking

Finally, the knives are cleaned up. Following the finishing and the blade sharpening, the opening move of the blade is checked, as well as the state of the lock and the position of the blade. Then the knives are wiped and packaged