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Corian handle

Mcusta knife with Damascus blade.White corian handle. Thumb stud to open the blade. Stainless steel spacers. Hand finishing.Total length: 207mmClosed length: 115mm Blade length: 93.5mm Blade material: Damascus Steel type: Stainless steelLocking type: Liner lock Handle material: CorianSpacers: Stainless steel Made in Japan..
Ex Tax:210.00€
Mcusta knife with SPG2 stainless steel blade, hammered on the upper part. White corian handle.  Hole on the blade for opening. Hand finishing. Total length 207mm Closed length: 115mmBlade length 93.5mm Blade material: Stainless SPG2 Locking type: Liner LockHandle material: Corian Spacers: Stainless steelMade in Japan..
Ex Tax:219.17€
MCusta Tactility edition folding knife with VG-10 stainless steel blade. The blade opens and closes easily thanks to a specially designed Teflon washer system. Completely hand finished with an MGV corian handle. The handle features finger grooves for a comfortable grip. Stainless steel spacers. Stainless steel belt clip can be reversed for right or left transport.Weight :100.64g Total length: 196.8mmClosed length: 112.8mm Blade length: 87.4mm Blade material: VG-10Handle material: Corian MGV Spacers Stainless steelLocking: Liner LockStainless steel belt clipMade in japan..
Ex Tax:124.17€
Mcusta MC-15 YR knife with corian grooved handle - VG-10 stainless steel blade - Teflon washer for smooth operation - Ambidextrous thumb stud opening and stainless steel spacers - Belt clip to make transport easierWeight: 104.89gTotal length: 195.3mmClosed length: 107.9mmBlade length: 82.5mm Blade material: Stainless VG-10Handle material: Corian Locking type: Liner LockStainless steel SpacersStainless steel Belt clipMade in Japan..
Ex Tax:108.25€
Mcusta presents the MC-15 edition, lightweight African-style knives with wooden handle. The bamboo-shaped handle includes a belt clip, and the knife can be worn around the neck with a strap. Precisely designed sliding mechanism to stop the blade at 45 degrees when closing. VG-10 satin polished blade with nail notch, bamboo-shaped handle in white corian. Stainless steel pocket clip in hammered design. Supplied with cord for neck wear.Weight: 35g Total length: 133mm Blade length: 57mm Blade thickness: 2mm Blade material: VG-10 Locking: Liner Lock Handle length: 76mm Handle material: White CorianStainless steel Spacers Stainless steel Belt clip Made in Japan..
Ex Tax:91.67€
MC-19D - Damascus steel blade - Corian handle Weight: 96 gTotal length: 195 mmClosed length: 110 mmBlade length: 85 mmLocking type: Liner lockBelt clip..
Ex Tax:150.00€
MC-19V  -  VG10 blade - Corian handleWeight: 96 gTotal length: 195 mmClosed length: 110 mmBlade length: 85 mmLocking type: Liner lockBelt clip..
Ex Tax:135.00€
MCusta Basic series knife with a DuPont corian handle and VG-10 blade. DuPont corian handle with contoured grooves. Teflon washer system and anodized pivot pin for smooth operation. Thumb stud ambidextrous opening and stainless steel spacers. Includes black Cordura belt pouch. Total length: 195.3mm Blade length: 82.5mm Blade material: VG-10 Locking: Liner Lock Closed length: 107.9mm Handle material: Corian DuPont Spacers: Stainless steel Weight: 102.05g Made in Japan..
Ex Tax:116.65€
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